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Mixing & Mastering - Know It All! 3.0

Mixing & Mastering are a complete guide to digital audio Mixing and Mastering
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These Mixing & Mastering tutorials are a complete guide to digital audio Mixing and Mastering. They begin with an Overview section which introduces the necessary audio engineering concepts. Both the Mixing and Mastering sections are organized into a straightforward framework consisting of 5 elements: Volume, Panning, Dynamics, EQ, and FX. The tutorials illustrate the principles and concepts of mixing and mastering using a number of examples created in popular pro audio products. Examples in the Mixing section use primarily Pro Tools, Sonar, and Cubase, and examples in the Mastering section concentrate on Ozone, Sound Forge, Audition, and Soundtrack Pro. Audio plug-ins from T-Racks, Waves, PSP Audioware, and Voxengo are also demonstrated.

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